Sport Sheffield | The University of Sheffield

Performance Clubs

If you prefer a more competitive sporting arena then you can join the students who put on a Black and Gold kit and represent the University of Sheffield across the UK every Wednesday afternoon. We aim to establish a top twenty ranking in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) and continue to offer a broad spectrum of sports opportunities. As well as the weekly BUCS competition our clubs compete in the annual Varsity event against our city rivals Hallam University. Performance clubs will receive expert coaching and training as well as club development and access to the strength and conditioning support programme. We also develop some fantastic partnerships with local clubs and national governing bodies to further enhance our club opportunities.


Recreation Clubs

Recreation clubs are the ideal environment for you to get involved, develop your skills and build the confidence you need to take the next step and represent the University. Throughout the year many of our Recreation clubs will still compete in team and individual BUCS competitions. These are very important in our in overall Sport Sheffield drive to achieve a top twenty ranking. We also have many teams competing in external leagues such as American Football, Ice Hockey and Korfball. For recreation clubs the emphasis will be less on competition and more on involvement, participation, fitness and fun.