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Want to push the limits or just try something new?

Bouldering Wall


Bouldering wall now re-open

Our bouldering wall is probably one of the largest fibreglass moulded bouldering walls in the country. Containing several differing features designed to suit a range of abilities. Routes are set to provide opportunities for beginners and experienced climbers alike and are changed frequently to challange you. Introductory classes are organised regularly to enable beginners to learn basic techniques and to provide safety information.

Bouldering online bookings have now been removed and customers can attend at their own convenience as per the arrangements pre-Covid19.

If you'd like to use the wall, please follow the 2 step process below:

  • Step 1: Register for bouldering by completing your information and watching the online bouldering induction here:
  • Step 2: Your registration will be checked and processed within 24hours and your account will be activated for bouldering bookings.

Unsupervised Climbing – Adults 18+ years 

Before you climb without supervision the centre expects you to be able to understand the dangers involved with bouldering and accept the risks involved.

You are required to register to say that you understand the Conditions of Use, that you are prepared to abide by the Rules below and that you understand the risks involved in your participation.

While you climb without supervision the centre expects you to be aware of all other climbing users.

Unless you have registered you must not climb without supervision.

Unsupervised climbing is just that! If you are not confident in the use of any climbing equipment or technique then do not attempt to use it without the supervision of someone who is competent to do so.

Inexperienced climbers and Introductory Sessions

Inexperienced climbers will be allowed to register for bouldering but only after they have completed an introductory session to the centre.

Junior Bouldering Admission

The Matrix is a great place for children to come and climb and bouldering is a fantastic way for children to get some exercise, learn new skills and have a great time in a fun environment.

There are several ways in which children can use the Matrix:

Under parental/guardian supervision

4-17 years – Parents or guardians must complete a registration form, sign in at reception at every visit and must supervise the junior climber at all times whilst using the Matrix. At no point should the junior climber be left to climb alone without supervision.

On their own following an introductory session

14-17 years only – As above unless they have attended an introductory session and registered for unsupervised climbing. If a parent or guardian wishes to register their 14-17 year old for unsupervised climbing the parent or guardian must complete a registration form and once the junior climber has completed an induction session they may climb unsupervised.

  • Parents or guardians will be allowed to supervise a maximum of 2 junior climbers at one time.

Junior courses

Junior courses – Parents or guardians must complete a registration form and sign in at reception at every visit. The junior must only be allowed access to the Matrix with an instructor present. Junior courses take place on Saturday mornings between 9.30am and 1.30pm with instructors supervising the sessions.

In addition to the obvious risks of climbing, children on the ground are at particular risk of being seriously injured by falling climbers. Supervising adults are responsible for making sure that children are never directly below climbers.

1 Hour Induction

An introduction to bouldering- the induction session will introduce you to the basics of bouldering as well as key safety aspects


Beginners 1

This is for complete beginners and will be a more in depth introduction to bouldering.

The 4 week course will give you the key safety information required forbouldering and teach you the basics of bouldering


Beginners 2

Beginners 2 is a 3 week course for more confident climbers who may have some brief climbing/ boulderingexperience (or have previously attended an Induction or Beginners 1).



Improvers have had some experience climbing and are ready to move on from the basics.  They will already have a grasp of all of the basic aspects of bouldering.


To book a place on any of the above courses please click here

For further information you can also contact the Active programmes team here.

Available to:

4 - 17 year old

The courses are coached by our enthusiastic qualified instructors:

9.30 - 10.30am - 5-11 years
10.30 - 11.30pm - 5-11 years
11.30 - 12.30pm - 12-17 years
12.30 - 1.30pm - Drop in sessions

Upcoming course dates


Bookings and Enquiries

For further details on the junior bouldering courses please contact Aimee at

If you wish to book a place please call reception on 0114 2226999 or alternatively book directly at our main reception