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Archery Club


Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Archery Club

We're a friendly and welcoming club, open to all students across both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

If you've never shot a bow in your life, no worries! Most of us hadn’t shot a bow before joining and even the Olympians started from scratch. Fortunately, we have experienced archers who'll give you some coaching and make sure you have fun too!

We're a diverse club open to all genders, all experience levels, and UK and international students alike. Our range is disabled-accessible, and we have bows specifically designed to allow access to all potential participants. We have several shooting sessions throughout the week, with specialised sessions for beginners, and for more experienced archers too. There’s no pressure to become the next Robin Hood either as anyone can enter competitions; we compete with both experienced and novice teams, and there are no special requirements to compete. This means that if you’ve ever wanted to try a competition sport but have never had the chance, then Archery is the perfect sport for you! Overall, we all do archery for fun and anyone is welcome to join. We’re all looking forward to seeing some new faces around the archery range over this year!

Memberships are available from the ‘Club Sport’ section on the ‘My Account’ page on the Sport Sheffield website.

Continue our focus on competitive shooting, and maintain our good competition results. Gain access to outdoor shooting, for fun and to train for outdoor competitions.



Coaching is available at all training sessions. Beginners are required to attend Novice Sessions until a member of committee allows them to shoot at other times. Focussed coaching is available at Novice Sessions; these sessions are primarily for beginners but anyone is welcome if they would like some extra coaching.


** Updates and changes to session times will be posted on our Facebook page - Sheffield Universities Archery Club ** Monday 7-9pm - Experienced session Tuesday 7-9pm - Experienced session Wednesday 7-9pm - Novice session Thursday 7-9pm - Experienced session Friday 7-9pm - Experienced session Sunday 10am-12:30pm - Competition session Sunday 1-3pm - Non-member session


Goodwin Sports Centre, Activity Room 3 (Training Room)


Help us bring more success to our club

2nd place in overall NEUAL League Table out of 18 universities!

3rd place in novice NEUAL League Table out of 18 universities!

1st place in Senior Gents Compound NEUAL League Table!

2nd and 5th place in Senior Gents Recurve NEUAL League Table!

2nd place in Senior Gents Barebow NEUAL League Table!

5th place in Senior Ladies Barebow NEUAL League Table!

Key Contacts

Rachel Sherratt
Club Captain

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