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Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Badminton Club

The university badminton club offering all levels of play from social up to competitive local Sheffield league matches and BUCS play

Here at the University of Sheffield Badminton club we pride ourselves on offering all levels of play to suit your requirements. We have different sessions corresponding to these requirements: a Friday club social afternoon where you pay as you play, a squad selection where you have access to a training session and can be selected for our various local league teams and finally our team selection who compete in BUCS leagues.

At all sessions shuttles are provided. At Friday club you can rent rackets using your student card as insurance.

In order to get into squad or team, we run a trials basis at the beginning of the year where there is a selection process. This is reviewed across the year with members of our committee attending the social sessions and scouting anyone who may be more suited to squad/team.

We consider ourselves a very friendly and welcoming club and run socials, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic throughout the year so be sure to get involved.

Trials dates/times for squad and team TBC. For Friday Club, come to the first session and pay as you play.

BUCS league promotions for all teams



Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are sad to announce that we will only have one training session a week for squad/team which will take place at Goodwin Sports Hall on Sundays 5-7pm from November. We are hoping to find another venue for Semester 2


Sundays 5-7pm


Goodwin Sports Hall

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