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Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Fencing Club

University fencing club that caters to all levels

This is the University of Sheffield Fencing Club that aims to provide training sessions for people of levels of fencing ability. Whether you just want to try a new sport or have been fencing for years we hope to have something for everyone. If you’ve haven’t fenced before then we’ll show you the basics and get you fencing in no time. If you’ve been fencing for awhile then we hope to provide you with regular sessions training against people of similar ability to you. All members of the club will have access to some form of competitive fencing as well but if you’re just looking for a new hobby or something recreational then we also cater to that. The club also has two BUCS teams (Men’s 1st and Women’s 1st) that compete in regular university matches. Alongside this we try to keep the club as inclusive as possible, running all different kinds of socials.

Membership available on the Sport Sheffield website or come to one of our sessions to see if the club is right for you and then we can explain our membership options in detail.

To provide a fun and inclusive environment for fencers of all levels to learn and train. To provide a good level of teaching to all our members. For our BUCS teams to do the best they can and win their leagues.



We have three types of session available. Beginner - This is for people who have never fenced before or have only fenced a few times previously. We will teach the basics of fencing in the form of fencing games, footwork, a few blade work exercises and that is usually followed by some free fencing. Advanced - This is for people who have been fencing for a significant time and would consider themselves proficient. This normally consists of footwork followed by some free fencing, with the option of some individual coaching available. Team selection for the Men’s and Women’s BUCS teams happen at these sessions as well. Intermediate/Free Fencing - This session is normally used an extra session for the advanced fencers, which mostly consists of free fencing but once the beginners have learnt the basics we like to integrate them with the advanced people at this session.


Monday - 19:30-21:30 Friday - 20:00-22:00 Sunday - 17:00-19:00


Mondays - Birkdale School (near Endcliffe) Fridays and Sundays - Goodwin Sports Centre


Help us bring more success to our club

Sport Sheffield Team of the Year (2015-16)

Men’s Northern 2A Champions (2015-16)

Women’s Northern 2A Champions (2015-16)

Men’s Northern 1A Champions (2016-17)

Women’s Team Epee Bronze at X-Systra Challenge in Paris (2018)

Men’s Team Sabre Bronze at X-Systra Challenge in Paris (2018)

Key Contacts

Molly Elsegood
Joseph Igali
Vice President

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