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University of Sheffield Mountaineering Club


Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Mountainerring Club

Climbing and Walking our way through the Peak District and beyond!

We are the University of Sheffield Mountaineering Club - climbing and walking our way around Sheffield and beyond.

Despite being one of the largest clubs in the union, we are really just a massive group of friends who enjoy the outdoors. Our main focus is climbing and mountaineering, so we spend a lot of time out in the Peak District and in other mountainous areas of the UK, doing everything from bouldering to winter mountaineering to sunny sport climbing on the coast. If you join in September, you can expect plenty of climbing in the Peak District if the weather is nice, and our first trip to Tremadog in North Wales is always great fun, and a great opportunity to get into outdoor climbing. In the winter, we spend a lot of time at the Foundry Climbing Centre, and many of our members also go out running in the Peak District in the evenings. Then around February, we have two club weekend trips to Scotland, with the opportunity for new club members to get onto a winter skills training course on the first weekend. As the weather improves in the spring, everyone starts going out to the Peaks in the evenings for some climbing, and by the time the summer comes, we are rarely found inside!

If you are new to climbing, as many of our members were when they first arrived, university is a great opportunity to give it a go. There is a wealth of experience within the club and you'll be surprised by how far you can go in a year! We also have a large range of climbing gear belonging to the club which anyone is welcome to borrow, so there's no need to have equipment of your own to begin with.

If competitive climbing is your thing, we have an excellent climbing team who regularly compete all over the world and recently came 4th overall in the European Universities Sport Climbing Championship in Croatia! We also encourage everyone, whatever their ability, to compete in NUBS, BUCS and Varsity - if nothing else, it's great fun!

If you're interested, join our Facebook group and come along to our freshers events, or come and see us at the sports fair. Alternatively, just come along to the Cobden View Pub in Crookes on a Wednesday night and meet everyone.

The best way to keep up to date with what's happening is by joining our Facebook Group. People regularly post on there with their own plans which anyone is welcome to tag along with, and all club events will be posted on there too. Make sure that you buy membership online from!

To improve everyone's climbing, whatever their level, and to spend as much time outdoors and in mountainous areas as possible! Our aim is to make sure everyone enjoys themselves!



We regularly all meet at the Foundry Climbing Centre in Sheffield on Monday evenings, usually from 7pm. On Wednesday afternoons we encourage people to head outside into the Peak District whilst the weather is good, and people will usually post about car spaces on the facebook group.


Monday - 7 to 12pm Wednesday - 1pm onwards


The Foundry Climbing Centre, 45 Mowbray St, Sheffield S3 8EN


Help us bring more success to our club

Take people from complete beginners to very experienced climbers

Consistently win or do very well in NUBS, BUCS and Varsity

Get people out into the Peak District within their first few days at Uni!

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David Frank
Issy Thompson

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