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Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Muay Thai Club

Muay Thai is combat sport that in its purest form uses punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Training focuses on fitness and technique to build ability in a team environment. The sport is a great starting point for martial art beginners to build confidence and skill in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Muay Thai (or Thai boxing) is a combat sport - the national sport of Thailand. It is also known as the “Science of eight limbs” as it incorporates a wide range of striking techniques including punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Muay Thai is an effective and tested martial art, developed in Thailand with similarities to kickboxing as well as many unique elements. The sport is also known as the “Science of eight limbs” as it incorporates a wide range of striking techniques using punches, kicks, knees and elbows. We are here to provide a genuine and unique experience of Muay Thai in a safe, friendly and responsible atmosphere.

The University of Sheffield Muay Thai Club was established over 10 years ago. It started off with instructors from Wicker Camp, coming down to the university with some kit and training the students. Since then, the club has developed into a community with hundreds of members, competing in tournaments and gaining recognition for its brilliant atmosphere.

All classes follow a safe and progressive syllabus which ensures students are able to reach their fullest potential through regular structured grading. Classes generally introduce a new aspect of Thai boxing each week which is expanded on through exercises and pad work, as well as general fitness and strength exercises. No boring drills or learning sequences of steps, we get straight to it with pads and gloves.

Our instructors are all Muay Thai veterans that have a strong reputation here and abroad, having fought at both Ratjadamnern and Lumpini stadiums, and have fought all over the world, many of whom hold European and world titles.

We are trained by instructors from Wicker Camp, a Sheffield Muay Thai gym owned by Arjarn Mick Mullaney and his partner, Senior Instructor Trix March. As a club, we are closely associated with Wicker Camp, one of the biggest and oldest Thai Boxing camps in the UK boasting the most champions of any gym in this country. We participate weekly (every Sunday) at their gym which offers a platform boxing ring, 1,800sq ft. matted area, weight room, sauna, punch bags, pads & gloves, male & female changing rooms with showers, equipment shop, comfortable lounge area and refreshments. They run classes for all abilities throughout the week; check their website for class times.

For a genuine and unique experience of Muay Thai in a safe, friendly and responsible atmosphere, come along to one of our training sessions!

Membership can be purchased through Sports Sheffield; Non-members can also attend the sessions and pay at the door

We’re aiming to run two fitness and two technique sessions per week for the first semester. These classes will be limited in size to comply with social distancing. We have several socials planned, depending on gov legislation. We want to give people a place that they can experience University sport during COVID, and we’re working hard to classes as close to normal as possible.



For semester one, we are planning to run 2 fitness sessions and 2 technique sessions per week.




Stephenson Hall and Wicker Camp

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Andrew Cooke
Sally Kwok
Jed Mc Donald

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