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Parkour and Freerunning Club


Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Parkour Club

Parkour is a sport focused on the love of movement; using your body as a tool to get you from one point to another in unique, creative and challenging ways

I'm sure you've all seen videos of ninja-like people dressed in black, running around, doing big jumps and flips on top of rooftops.

That's Parkour:

Don't worry, we're not going to take you to rooftops or make you do anything dangerous that you're not capable of doing. We would best describe Parkour as a fun combination of athletics, gymnastics and climbing. We are in essence a group of friends who get together to train & push our bodies and physical limits, learning new skills, jumps, flips and tricks at whatever pace you're comfortable with & capable of. We accommodate to all abilities and welcome anyone, beginner or professional.

We provide a good variety of training and socials alike, with the aim of bringing our members together and creating a happy community with (at least) one thing in common; our passion for the sport.

Don't be put off if you've never done or even heard of Parkour before.

Come along and give it a go, make some unforgettable memories and some new friends!

Join the 'University of Sheffield Parkour' Facebook group, email us at, find us at the Freshers Fair, or message us on our dedicated Instagram account @uosparkour

To create a friendly community that is passionate about parkour while also pushing members' physical and mental capabilities as they progress healthily throughout the year. We want to help our members reach & exceed their own personal goals.



On Wednesdays we meet at Bar One and travel to Nova City; a gym designed specifically for Parkour, to learn & practice creative and challenging forms of movement in a safe indoor setting. (please note there is a £5 entry fee to Nova City) At Nova City we have access to the entire section of the gym dedicated to Parkour, allowing us to learn and experiment in the best environment possible. On Saturdays, we meet at The Edge and travel to Endcliffe Park, which has its own dedicated outdoor Parkour Gym, with bars and concrete blocks we use to create challenges and practice what we've been training at Nova City.


15:00-18:30 on Wednesdays, and from 12:00 onward on Saturdays


Nova City, Rotherham & Endcliffe Park, Sheffield. We also hope to train at various outdoor locations in Sheffield across the year.

Key Contacts

Reuben Benyunes
Beatrice Price
Hutheyfa El-Hames
Eleanor Hewitt
Inclusions Officer
Katie Jones
Safety Officer, Covid Officer

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