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Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Snowboarding Club

The UK's only dedicated University Snowboard Club

Welcome to SUSC: the only standalone university snowboard club in the UK. We are a club which prides itself on being a welcoming, low-pressure, high-enjoyment society where you decide how we can help you.

Never touched a board in your life? you won't be alone; we offer professional beginner lessons and a large proportion of our members are fairly new to it too. Want to go on the best holidays of your life? we go to the best resorts in Europe for student prices, making for some of the most memorable days of your life. Want to be the next world champion freestyle or racer? we can help you improve. Want to just relax and love feeling snow under your feet? there's no pressure to go to every single session or to train competitively. And whoever you are, you'll love our socials which are equally as insane or relaxed as you want them to be.

Come along to our stall at the SU Freshers' Fair on Friday the 21st of September to meet us and learn more. We use our Facebook page ( for all our announcements and events including events specifically for new members and freshers. If you're keen, follow the links through the Sport Sheffield website, email us, or see us in person at the Freshers' fair to pay membership and receive our amazing freshers' packs with a t-shirts, shot glasses, stickers and much more.

This year we are looking to take on new members who fit anywhere between being complete beginners and pros, and anyone from board-heads to people who just want a relaxed university sport club. Our main goal is to facilitate for beginners and create enjoyment rather than the pressure of commitment. We want people to have access to sport on their own terms rather than an all-or-nothing approach and welcome great new people into such a friendly group.



We have sessions at the Castleford Snozone, a real-snow snow dome where you can take beginner lessons, just practice on your own, or receive advanced training. Every trip includes travel and board, boot and helmet hire so there's never any need to splash out on your own gear. We also have trampolining sessions every Thursday evening, where you can use our special board to hone your airborne board skills, or just bounce around Jump Inc on foot with your friends.


Our sessions are once every 2 weeks on a Wednesday (approximately 17:00-23:00)


Snozone, Xscape Castleford


Help us bring more success to our club

2nd in Kings Finals (national racing competition) three years in a row

1st in Women's Individual at Kings 2018

2nd in Women's Big Air at BUDS 2017

6th in Boardercross at BUDS 2017

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Callum Green

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