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Strength Sports Club


Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Strength Sports Club

We accommodate for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Crossfit and Strongman! We are open to ALL skill levels and welcome all members equally

We train from 7pm-10pm on weekdays, with a women's session being held on Tuesdays and a conditioning session being held in our 10am-1pm session on Saturdays. We welcome all skill levels and people interested in any strength discipline! We have experiences members happy to offer advice on things such as technique, programming and more! With all this training we also like to compete in both individual and team competitions throughout the year. This allows club members to focus their training to a specific event and test progress. It's not all hard work though, socials are high on our priority list and we're always looking for new ideas!

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You are welcome to train however you see fit, we are happy to offer programs or just general advice on lifting. However we do ask that you don't train to intentionally be disruptive or unsafe!


7-10pm Weekdays, 10am-1pm Saturday, no training on Sunday


Goodwin Sports Centre, AR2

Key Contacts
Women's Officer
Inclusions Officer

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