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Sub-Aqua Club


Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Sub-Aqua Club

Sub Aqua (Scuba Diving) is a relaxing non-competitive sport with a focus on enjoying your time underwater, spotting wildlife and exploring wrecks. We are a very active training club, providing training and skills development for both beginners, taking up the sport for the first time, and experienced divers alike

The society has a big mix of diving levels from beginners having taken up the sport for the first time at university to advanced divers with 20+ years’ experience. The club is very welcoming and friendly to all, with members from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds. The intake for the year is in September, with the try dives being a great chance to see if the sport is for you (see our Facebook for more information on this). The September intake is the only time in the year we are able to accept new members unfortunately. This is to allow all divers to progress together in their training, making sure that nobody gets left behind or joins part way through term and feels excluded.

Come and talk to us at the Sports fairs (Tuesday 22nd September or Wednesday 30th September) for more information and to register your interest. Also keep an eye on our Facebook page for other events and opportunities to sign up and ask questions

This year we aim to train both new and experienced divers, helping them to develop their skills as much as possible. We are also keen to hold lots of diving trips and expeditions around the UK



We train at Goodwin pool 8:30pm-10pm on Wednesdays and run theory sessions on Monday evenings. In the summer months we hold trips to a range of diving destinations in the UK including the Farne Islands (great for seals!) , St. Abbs and Portland as well as a trip abroad each Easter


Monday - 7pm Wednesday - 8:30pm-10pm


Goodwin Sports Centre swimming pool


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Last year we trained 4 new discovery divers

Through fundraising and selling of old kit, the club has managed to purchase several pairs of new fins and boots for the use of trainees

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