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Swimming and Water Polo Club


Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Swimming and Water Polo Club

Welcome to the University Of Sheffield Swimming and Water Polo Club; the very best of Black & Gold!

Sheffield Swimming and Water polo club is a friendly and engaging group that caters for players and swimmers across all abilities. The club offers regular training to improve skills and fitness, competes in local and national competitions and has weekly socials to relax and blow off steam [covid pending]. We very much embody the mantra of ‘work hard play hard’!

Currently, we are the biggest mixed gendered club in the university and have teams and sessions that cater to all with competitive and recreational swimming squads, as well as first and second water polo teams for both men and women. With continued lockdown, there has never been more of a reason to join a sports team, as it is an easy opportunity to forge friendships and give more structure and opportunity at university this year.

We pride ourselves in being an inclusive and engaging club who can educate those new to the sports, but also develop the skill sets of more experienced players and swimmers. Our unique club set-up – combining water polo and swimming into one – allows members to branch out into the different sports and provides more opportunity and experiences. Throughout the week there are various training sessions for both sports as these are not run at the same time, allowing members to partake in both sports. Often, training sessions are run back-to-back, creating one long session for both swimmers and water polo players. It is not unusual for water polo players to attend the swimming sessions, and vice versa, so find a schedule that works for you and join in! If the training sessions weren’t somehow enough, we usually have weekly themed socials every Wednesday where all members of the club let loose and blow off some steam out of the pool. This is a great way to cement new friendships, and get to know the rest of the club – even if Roar stays shut we will strive to find safe and fun replacements and roll with the punches. The University of Sheffield Swimming and Water Polo club is an amazing club which has lots to offer. We aren’t the only ones who think this as we awarded “CLUB OF THE YEAR 2019/20” and “FUNDRAISING INITATIVE CLUB” for all of our in and out the pool successes last year by Sport Sheffield; join us for the best you can get of the Black & Gold experience. Oh and we also won Yorkshire Universities “GREAT CLUB/TEAM” award as well, putting us top in Yorkshire!

Here is a little more of an insight from our captains:

Yekta Yanardag (Men’s Water Polo Captain) – “At UOSSWPC, we currently have two teams for Men’s Water Polo, whether you’re starting or continuing your sporting career. The first team will be playing in the competitive Northern 1A BUCS and is chasing promotion back up to the top. The second team will be competing in the YDDL (Yorkshire District Development League) against other unis and offers a good standard and opportunity to play for the Black & Gold community and will be aiming to keep the “2s Never Lose” record . Men’s Water Polo offers a great opportunity to engage in a physical team sport as well as giving you the most out of university”.

Alicia Thompson (Women’s Water Polo Captain) – “The past 2 years have been very successful for Women’s Water Polo. Not only did we get promoted to the Northern 1A BUCS League, but positioned in the top 3 teams after the first season. In addition, new players or those looking to develop their skills can take part in the YDDL League involving friendly, pressure free games. Water Polo is a great social sport to join, as anyone is welcome no matter what ability.”

Jordan Barnes and Lauren Hodgson (Competitive swimming captains) – “Our competitive team currently competes at BUCS short course, long course and teams championships. In the latter our first team were recently promoted by coming 1st in the ‘shield’ final. We also have several galas scheduled with the Northern University Development League, of which we are a founding team! Next year we hope to encourage more recreational swimmers to give competing a go whilst providing a comprehensive training schedule for those who represent GB on the international stage. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive, encouraging and sociable environment for all swimmers. We look forward to welcoming new members to the team!.”

Ella Donnison (Recreational Swimming Captain) – “Our recreational team is a friendly and welcoming environment for swimmers of all abilities. Rec swimming is a great way to keep fit and active whilst improving overall swimming technique, and can create possibilities to move into competitive swimming. Swimming with rec is a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop friendships and have fun.”

Our club is unique as one membership gives you access to two sports – swimming and water polo! To join the swimming club, swimmers of any ability can come along to one of our taster sessions ran in the first few weeks of term. Our club has both recreational and competitive teams so please don’t worry if you feel that you aren’t the strongest of swimmers, there is a place for everyone! Joining the water polo club is just as easy! Taster sessions are run throughout the early weeks for players of all abilities who are interested in taking up the sport, one of the only university sports that accommodates complete novices. For those who want to compete, there will be trials for Men’s first and second, and Women’s first and second teams, these are not something to worry about! Please note that if you miss the freshers sessions, it is not a problem. Get in contact with the club via Facebook or email and we can arrange a time for you to come and train with us. If both of these sports interest you then there is nothing stopping you from being both a water polo player and a swimmer, as many of our members are. Come to the Virtual Sports fair, register your interest and we’ll send out a sign up form for the upcoming taster sessions.

Swimming: - Competitive: Place in the top 3 at NUDL Northern division, Aim to make 5+ top 20 finishes at BUCS long course, Encourage more recreational swimmers to try competing through NUDL, be a top 20 team at long course BUCS, Produce a strong 1st, 2nd and an alumni team for varsity 2021 and getting both points of course! - Recreational: We aim to improve the swimming ability and/or fitness of everyone in the rec squad, making sure that everyone in the group is satisfied with the swimming level that they have achieved. Water Polo: - Men’s: Build up our 1s team ready to battle for promotion back to the top, ensure 2s never lose and retain YDDL cup title - Women’s Water Polo: aim to end in the top 3 teams within the Northern 1A BUCS League, Maintain development of 2s players through the expanding YDDL League, Producing a strong team to contend Hallam in Varsity 2021



There is expected to be sessions most days of the week, during both semesters. Competitive swimmers can expect to be initially training up to 3 times a week and the competitive polo teams will also have 3 polo sessions per week, with the outlook of more sessions being added as Covid restrictions relax. As it stands, the first team polo players will receive one of their training sessions alongside Rotherham Metro to maintain an elite standard of training with a senior club. Recreational swimmers should have access to up to 2 sessions per week initially, with more added later Covid depending. The club will also aim to maintain the strength and conditioning or a land fitness session once a week, which allows members to take part in a focused, land-based training session utilising gym equipment and apparatus. Even if training is reduced in semester 1, we will try to give as much as physically feasible and semester 2 should be back to full strength and competition hopefully. Prior to every session, a track and trace form must be completed and we will take a register to ensure Covid safe practices are adhered to.


Monday: 9.15-11.15pm (King Edwards) Wednesday: 1:30-3.30pm (King Edwards) Thursday: 9.15-11.15pm (King Edwards) Friday: 7.30-9.30pm (Goodwin) Saturday: 1.00-3.00pm (Goodwin – half pool) Sunday: 4-6pm (Goodwin) Sunday: 4-8pm (Maltby) All two hour sessions will be split into x2 separate slots. King Edwards will be accessible from the 28th of September and Goodwin from November 2nd with the relaunch of club sport. Ponds Forge training will be implemented as soon as official reopening is confirmed, likely mid-October.


We train in four different pools: Goodwin Sports Centre, King Edwards, Ponds Forge, and Maltby.


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Fundraising Initiative, £8380 last year

Yorkshire Unis: Great Club Award 2019/20

Both 2s YDDL Cup Winners

Winners Team BUCS Shield Championship 2019 (Joint)

Co-creators of NUDL (72 teams)/ Founders YDDL (24 teams)

Key Contacts

Josh Peters
Club President
Edward Saxon
Vice President

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