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Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Taekwondo Club

Welcome to the University of Sheffield Taekwondo Club webpage. We are an incredibly inclusive group of martial art enthusiasts who come together to practise and enjoy Taekwondo on a regular basis. This form of martial art is perfect for anyone who wants to work on fitness, confidence and self defence. We teach Kukkiwon-style WT during sessions, but everyone is welcome, whether it be WT, ITF, other styles of martial arts or even if you’ve never tried martial arts before! Every session builds on your skills so from beginner to black belt, anyone and everyone is welcome!

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and is specifically known for its head-height kicks, quick techniques and combinations of blocks and strikes. Speed and agility are key in this sport and the power from punches and kicks are attributed largely to those two skills - size and strength only plays a small role! Any level of fitness or previous experience is completely fine, with each session you’ll find yourself becoming stronger, quicker and more flexible.

The sessions normally include stretching, practising combinations of moves, sparring, self defence techniques and a cool down but there are a range of different elements that are regularly incorporated alongside the normal routine. It is a low pressure environment, everyone is very relaxed, helpful and super encouraging!

We encourage you to come along with lots of energy and enthusiasm and give it your best effort! You may come as a beginner but by the end of a session you won’t feel like one at all! It may not look like a team sport but we’re all there to support and help each other be the best they can be, after all, everyone has to start somewhere!

Outside of the dojo area we go for drinks after training and have regular socials and nights out (in normal clothing of course). We would love to see you at a session soon!

Membership for the Taekwondo Club can be found on the Sport Sheffield website. There is also information on the Facebook page and group. If you have any questions, just ask a committee member and we’ll point you to the right place

To get as many members involved as possible in training and to help them achieve their personal goals! We want to learn new skills and perfect ones the ones we’d already developed. We regularly take part in local and national competitions so always aim to get members ready for those. We want everyone to feel like part of our TKD family and enjoy every session!



To ensure the safety of our members our classes are likely to be held online until further notice.


To ensure the safety of our members our classes are likely to be held online until further notice.


More information regarding this will be announced soon.


Help us bring more success to our club

Winning 3 golds, 3 silvers and a bronze from 13 entries in the BSTF Student Nationals

Becoming ITF Sparring team champs at the BSTF

Enjoying training throughout the year with lots of new members

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