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Women's Basketball Club


Welcome to The University Of Sheffield Women's Basketball Club

We are a fun and welcoming club with two BUCS teams and a development team. We are always open to new members of all ages and abilities. Don't worry if you have never picked up a basketball before, everyone is welcome!

Sheffield Women’s Basketball Club is an inclusive club to be a part of whether you are looking to play competitively, develop your skills or try something new. The club is open to players of all abilities, and we would love for you to be part of the USWB family and join one of our three playing teams!

We are a friendly and supportive club that strives to create a fun and competitive environment for all players. Going into the 2020/201 season we have two teams competing in BUCS Leagues, with frequent Wednesday fixtures, and a 3rd development team. We have a large range of abilities and can accommodate for experienced players and new players alike. We welcome students of all ages and abilities, resulting in a very diverse group of players.

After a brilliant but tough season last year, which got left unfinished due safety restrictions, we aim to come back strong and have a good year. This year we are aiming for promotion for our 1st team, and for our 2nd team to finish among the top three teams in the league. Our two BUCS teams have the opportunity to be coached by two brilliantly qualified professional players from the local WBBL team, the Sheffield Hatters.

In our 3rd team and development training sessions we aim to build up essential skills and increase players’ confidence to apply these through friendly game situations. The coaches are players from our club who are familiar with the difficulties you face when starting out as a player and can provide advice based on their own experiences. Training sessions are relaxed and casual and welcome to all! If you are interested in trying something new these sessions are ideal for you!

Our overall goal as a club is to help players grow as individuals and team players on and off the court. We actively hold weekly socials, including both club sports nights at the Students’ Union and sober socials like game and movie nights to involve all players in club activities and get to know each other.Furthermore, we work towards raising money for local charities by holding fundraisers throughout the year. All club activities are run by a dedicated committee who strive to create a positive and engaging experience for all members of the club, regardless of previous experience or playing ability.

Join us at the virtual sports fairs throughout the first semester to find out details about training sessions and how to get involved with the club. If you missed us, we will post details and updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages so feel free to look us up! If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by messaging our Facebook page, or by emailing us.

Our aim for this season is to help all players develop as individuals and as a team. We are striving for promotion for our 1st team, and an upper-table result for our 2nd team. For our 3rd team & development squad, we aim to increase individuals skills and confidence to perform in game situations.



All BUCS playing members (1st and 2nd team) are expected to attend all their training sessions in order to play in games throughout the year. Our 3rd team and development training session are more relaxed and run by fellow students. They focus on building confidence while learning and practising basketball skills.


1st Team: Monday 7:30-9am 2nd Team: Tuesday 7:30-9am 3rd Team: Friday 8-9pm These training times may differ in semester 1 due to safety restrictions according to COVID-19 guidelines. Please see our social media pages or contact the club for more information.


Goodwin Sports Centre


Help us bring more success to our club

1st Team: 1st Place in BUCS League Northern 2B - 19/20

Nominated for Team of the Year (1st Team) 2020

Nominated for Most Improved Club 2020

1st Team: 2nd Place in BUCS League Northern 2B - 17/18

1st Team: 1st Place in BUCS League Northern 2B - 15/16

1st Team: 1st Place in BUCS Northern Conference Cup - 15/16

Key Contacts

Ana Amezaga-Kutija
Club Captain
Laurel Seed
Vice Club Captain
Beth Rutherford

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