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Hello and welcome to Club Sport

Club Sport provides many opportunities for you to participate and compete in a wide variety of sports while you are at University.

With 51 sports clubs for you to choose from and many links to other clubs across the city I’m confident that there will be something out there for you to carry on your existing sporting interest or for you to try something completely new during your University years.

Clubs offer much more than just playing sport and Sport Sheffield clubs are committed to delivering an excellent sporting student experience by providing students with a wide range of opportunities to get involved in sport, exploring new and exciting places, develop personal skills, celebrating sporting achievements, developing a sense of community and pride and also a chance to develop friendships for life.

If you prefer a competitive sporting arena then you can join the students who put on a black and gold kit and represent the University of Sheffield across the UK every Wednesday afternoon.

We aim to establish a top twenty ranking in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) leagues and continue to offer a broad spectrum of sports opportunities.

With over 57 teams competing throughout the year there are plenty of opportunities for you to be involved.

As well as the weekly BUCS competition our clubs compete in many other competitions and events throughout the year including the annual Varsity event against our city rivals Hallam University.

If you would like further information or wish to contact our clubs directly please click on the individual club links for further information.

I look forward to seeing you all this year and if you wish to contact me at anytime for further information and advice please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best for the year ahead!

“Black and Gold”

Frequently asked questions about Club Sport can be accessed here.

Steve Cox
Club Sport Manager
Tel.0114 2228526

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Adventure Sports

Free your mind and excite your senses, explore the great outdoors (and indoors) and try something new! Why not get involved in our selection of Adventure Sports here at Sheffield.

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Martial Arts

Bringing together the elements of tradition,discipline,self defence and competition, with added benefits such as fitness, self confidence and social interaction all our martial arts clubs welcome students from all abilities.

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Team Sports

Train together, compete together, be there for each other! If this is your idea of sport then why not join one of our Team Sports. Playing in a variety of leagues and competitions throughout the year we will have team sport that is there for you.

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Varsity Sport

Varsity is the annual sporting competition between The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam. The Varsity Sports programme is carried out in a positive way by both Universities ensuring it is inclusive for the clubs involved but also for the supporters and the community.

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Water Sports

If you really need to wet your appetite for fun,competition, adventure and excitement why not do this out on the water. Our Watersports clubs do cater for everyone (as long as you can swim)!

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