Club Sport - FAQ's


Q. What range of sports clubs do you have an offer at Sheffield?
A. We have a wide range of Sports Clubs on offer with forty seven sports clubs for you to choose from and get involved with. If you are interested in a sport not currently on offer please contact the Club Sport Manager as we may be able to put you in contact with partner clubs in the city. Please click here to view all club profiles.

Q. How do you join a sports club?
A. You are welcome to join a sports club at anytime throughout the year. The easiest way to join a club is to contact the club directly and arrange to meet at the club training or introduction session. Alternatively at the start of the year you can meet all the clubs at the Sports Fair at the start of term. The club will then provide all information on how to join, any membership fees that apply and the application process.

Q. How do I contact the club directly?
A. The easiest way to contact clubs individually is to contact the club via the contact information provided on the Sport Sheffield club information page:

Q. Where do sports do clubs train and play matches?
A. For the majority of our Clubs most club activity will take place at Sport Sheffield’s Goodwin Sports Centre or Norton playing fields for grass based sports matches. Due to the range of clubs on offer many of clubs also use specialist sports facilities across the city and local region. For further facility information please contact the club directly or contact the Club Sport Manager

Q. Do you get free access to the gym if I join a sports club?
A. Currently gym membership is not included in any club fees and can be purchased separately.

Q. Do you have natural grass sports pitches?
A. Yes we have a fantastic facility at Norton Playing Fields, a multi acre, multi sport grass facility for Cricket, Rugby, Football and Lacrosse. Wednesday afternoons and weekend s are hive of sports activity with sports matches taking place throughout the year. Norton is located approximately 20 minutes drive away from Goodwin Sports Centre. For more information about Norton please click on the following link:

Q. How much does it cost to join a sports club?
A. Each club will set its own membership fees depending upon its financial plan for the year ahead.
Prices of membership vary from club to club as some clubs are more expensive to operate due to their specialist nature and equipment required. Please contact individual clubs to discuss membership fees that apply and what services are included.

Q. Do you have support and bursaries available for elite athletes?
A. Yes we offer both financial and hands on support for talented and aspiring athletes. For more information about the ESPS service please click here.

Q. Do you have links with clubs in the Sheffield area?
A. Many of our sports clubs have links and partnerships with professional and local clubs in the city. These benefits can include sharing facilities, coaching, playing opportunities, volunteering, work experience, sponsorship and ticket deals.

Q. What level of sport ability do you have to be at to join a club?
A. All our clubs welcome all abilities. Whether you wish to try out a new sports activity, are looking to rejoin a sport you loved at school or wish to continue your sport and compete we are sure we have something to offer you at your level. You don’t have to be a sports star to be involved and many members are involved for friendship and social benefits.

Q. Do all clubs have coaches or instructors?
A. All clubs will have suitably qualified activity leaders, coaches or instructors. For some clubs they will have paid coaches who are external to the University and many from clubs or governing bodies who we have partnership arrangements with. For many clubs they will have qualified volunteer coaches and we actively encourage and support student members to gain coaching qualifications during their membership.