Intra Mural FAQ's


Q) Why do we not have referees for the whole of the 11-a-side campaign?
A) This would incur a cost of £5 per team per game. Overall a cost of £350 would be required to enter a team into the 11-a-side football league. If this was agreed it would also be a big task to get dedicated referees to work Fri to Sun.

Q) I don’t have a team to enter into one of the leagues but would like to join a team. How do I go about this?
A) If you email with your name, email address and contact number we can distribute this to all the teams we have currently registered to see if they need any extra players.

Q) If we want to cancel a game because we cannot make the fixture how do we do this?
A) Officially we require at least 7 days; however this can be done at the Intra Mural Sports Officers discretion. Please email and explain what league you take part in and what fixture you would like to re-arrange. You will then be copied into a postponement email and you will be in charge of re-arranging this game with your opponent team captain.

Q. How much does it cost to register a team?
A. Please click the link to follow which will take you to the Intra Mural Sport webpage and chose the relevant sport.

Q) How do we pay for Intra Mural?
A) You can pay for Intra Mural in several different ways. Cash, card, cheques (made payable to The University of Sheffield) or by Inter Departmental Transfer. If you would like to see the prices please visit the Intra Mural page and chose the relevant sport.