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Netball is an international sport, played by two teams of seven players and based on throwing and catching. Traditionally it is played by women but mixed and men's netball is becoming increasingly popular.

The game is based on each team attempting to score as many goals as possible whilst, at the same time, preventing the opposition from scoring. Goals are scored from within a defined area, by throwing the ball into an open ended net, attached to a 3.05 metre high post.

The game consists of four quarters of 15 minutes each, with an interval of 3 minutes between the first/second and third/fourth quarters and an interval of 5 minutes at half time. Teams change end each quarter.

Each player has a designated area on court, determined by their playing position. A player may catch the ball with one or both hands and must pass it or shoot for goal within three seconds. Netball is a non-contact sport and no player is allowed to come into personal contact with an opponent in a way that will interfere with the opponent's play, either accidentally or deliberately.

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Intra Mural

Intra Mural Netball is a series of leagues and competitions for university students and staff who wish to play netball at a recreational level with the emphasis on participation and enjoyment.

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Club Sport

University of Sheffield Netball Club.

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The REP: Netball

Our very own REP Netball session provides a chance for you to brush up on your netball skills, enjoy a friendly game and importantly have some fun and meet new people.

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