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Key Contacts

Chris - Captain - chenderson1@sheffield.ac.uk

How To Join/Get Involved

Just come along! Your first session is free!

Aims For The Year Ahead

The same as every year! Even more great people, even more great Jitsu

Training Times

Mon 8-10pm
Wed 8-10pm (until 12/10)
Thurs 8-10pm (from 17/10)

Training Location

Activity Room 1, Goodwin Sports Centre

Training Location Post Code

S10 2TY

Training Travel Details

Goodwin is easily accessible by foot or bicycle. However, if travelling by car, you must find parking on nearby streets.

Club Achievements

We always do well at the Randori (Mostly Ground Fighting) Nationals. This year we achieved 3 silver and two bronze medals. As well as a gold at the Atemi Nationals


We have Give It A Go sessions arranged over the first month of the year. Long term we also have the Atemi (standing) and the Randori (ground) Nationals, regional events with Leeds and York every few months, and regular socials.

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