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Key Contacts

Captain - Jack Waites 07460868515
Vice-captain - Andy Pedder
Secretary - Henry Broomfield
Treasurer - Mandy Fong
Social Secretary - Harry Dagnall
Women's Officer / Inclusions - Charlotte Chong
Publicity Officer - James Shore

How To Join/Get Involved

You can get involved by simply coming to a Friday or Sunday session (as Wednesday's are for graded students only), no experience needed! Just bring a bottle of water and wear exercise-appropriate clothing! Yearly membership is available at a price of £10 and can be paid either online via Goodwin at or at a session by paying and giving your name to whoever is running the session

Aims For The Year Ahead

To grow as a club and gain more members To have a stronger presence within the University via regular promotional work around campus To compete at a variety of interclubs against other universities as well as hosting our own in Sheffield alongside Wicker Camp To work with our new Women's/Inclusions in order to make the club more inclusive and open to all students To look into trying to get students from Sheffield Hallam University to join us on Sunday sessions at Wicker with the aim of opening a new committee position for "Hallam Representative", with the long term aim being the establishment of a Hallam club and a Muay Thai Varsity event To grow the social aspect of our club by hosting regular socials.

Training Times

Wednesday 6.30 - 7.30 pm (Graded students) (Stephenson Hall, Oakholme Road)
Friday 7.30-9:00 (Non-Graded Students) (Stephenson Hall, Oakholme Road)
Sunday 12pm - 1.30pm (All Students) (Wicker Camp) -> Meet at Broomhill (RBS) Bus Stop or Arts Tower Bus Stop at 11.15am. (52 Bus, £1 for students)

Training Location

Stephenson Hall, Oakholme Road on Wednesdays and Fridays, Wicker Camp on Sundays

Training Location Post Code

Stephenson Hall, Oakholme Road- S10
Wicker Camp - S4 7YS

Training Travel Details

For Sunday sessions at Wicker Camp, meet at Broomhill (RBS) Bus Stop or Arts Tower Bus Stop at 11.15am. (52 Bus, £1 for students)

Club Achievements

Competed in multiple interclubs with other Universities such as Warwick, Bristol, Nottingham among others Wicker Camp is one of the UK's most successful Muay Thai gyms boasting multiple UK, European and World champions


For the upcoming year we are looking at hosting socials on a monthly basis, ranging from going on nights out, going to Muay Thai / Boxing events as well as a visit to the Peak District among other events.

Club Sponsors

Wicker Camp Thai Boxing Gymnasium: