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University of Sheffield Taekwondo Club

Key Contacts

Calum Lawrence, Club Captain, clawrence1@sheffield.ac.uk
Alex Hamilton, Secretary, adchamilton1@sheffield.ac.uk
Jackie Tsang, Publicity Officer, jtsang2@sheffield.ac.uk

How To Join/Get Involved

The best way to join is by going to one of our Give it a Go sessions (find out from the Activities Zone or our website when these are held) and introducing yourself. If you're feeling a little shy and want to get to know us beforehand, why not join our Facebook group and introduce yourself there? Or better yet, just come with a friend! If you miss the Give it a Go sessions, you can always turn up to one of our normal lessons. We are also running introductory sessions for beginners this year (for up to date details check our Facebook group and website). If this is your first time trying martial arts then aim to get to one of these! Just wear something sporty and bring water. Throughout October all of our training sessions will be just £3 for 2 hours; membership to the club can be bought through the Sports Sheffield website

Aims For The Year Ahead

We're trying to raise awareness of Taekwondo at the university, and get new members into the sport! Last year we went to several competitions in sparring and patterns, and brought home quite a few medals. Help us do it again this year! Another key goal this year is to continue to enhance the quality of the club experience by improving the quantity and quality of our equipment, increasing attendance at tournaments and organising our own in-house tournament/showcase. But we think the most important thing is maintaining a friendly and enjoyable environment for our members – providing a great student experience

Training Times

Mondays, 6-8 pm, Stephenson Hall.
Wednesdays, 6-8 pm, Endcliffe Studio.
Saturdays, 1-4 pm, Stephenson Hall

Training Location

Both Stephenson Hall and Encliffe Studio are located near Endcliffe Village.
Please see our website for details

Training Location Post Code

Stephenson Hall, S10 3DF.
Endcliffe Studio, S10 3ED

Training Travel Details

Throughout October members of the committee will be walking from the Edge (Endcliffe Village) 20 minutes before the start of session to help guide new members. Parking is also available in the vicinity of both sites

Club Achievements

We have had the pleasure of seeing many of our members become black belts by the time they finish university. Some had done taekwondo before starting university, while others started as complete beginners. Some members of the club choose to compete in sparring. This is WTF style sparring (like you see at the Olympics) and we have had a lot of success this year, winning lots of medals across several competitions, including the Student Nationals (which were held this year in Bristol). You can start sparring at any level, from white belt to black belt and beyond. We have also won medals in other types of competition recently, including our flying side kick, patterns, and more! Have a look at our website for more information about our achievements (some of them are on Forge Press!)


In addition to our consistently enjoyable Christmas and Summer meals, we hold lots of entertaining and inventive events and socials throughout the year, so keep checking our website and Facebook group for announcements! We’ll be at the Sports Fair during Intro Week so come along and say hello

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