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Key Contacts

Add Shef Korf on Facebook
Club Captain : Nicole Williams (nswilliams1@sheffield.ac.uk

How To Join/Get Involved

Add Shef Korf on Facebook
Email sheffieldunikorfball@gmail.com

Aims For The Year Ahead

Recruit around 50 members Recruit around 10 freshers Firsts finish top 8 at Nationals All teams win varsity

Training Times

Club Training: Friday 8-10pm Team Training: Tuesday 6:15-7:45

Training Location

Club Training @ Goodwin
Team Training @ Tapton School

Training Location Post Code

Goodwin S10 2TY, Tapton S10 5RG

Training Travel Details

Cars needed for Team training to transport Korf posts

Club Achievements

2nds and 3rds won varsity 2016 First qualified for regionals Fourth in Club Shield


Socials every other wednesday Prelims (mid november) Regionals (6th Feb) Varsity Club Champs Nationals Charity event once every semester

Club Sponsors

Vodka Revolution
West Street Live