Table Tennis

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Key Contacts

Justin Tetlow, Warren Ka Lam, Luke Tattersall

How To Join/Get Involved

Join our Facebook group for updates or just turn up to Stephenson Hall on Tuesdays (8-10pm), Thursdays (8-10pm) or Sundays (1:30-4:30pm)

Aims For The Year Ahead

Win Varsity again. Win the leagues again. Win the cup again. Win team of the year.

Training Times

Tuesday (8-10pm), Thursday (8-10pm), Sunday (1:30-4:30)

Training Location

Stephenson Hall

Training Location Post Code

S10 3DG

Training Travel Details

Right next to Endcliffe Village so very easy to walk to! 

Club Achievements

Highest earner of BUCS points for the last 5 years in a row, undefeated in varsity and winner of 3 leagues and a league cup last year alone



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