Tenpin Bowling

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Key Contacts

Wayne Lim : wylim1@sheffield.ac.uk 
Zahid Ahamat : mzbahamat@gmail.com

How To Join/Get Involved

Register online through http://www.goodwinonline.co.uk

Aims For The Year Ahead

Increase participation by 20 active members through league bowling and tournaments.

Training Times

Every Wednesday at 6.30pm

Training Location

1st Bowl Sheffield, Sicey Avenue, Firth Park

Training Location Post Code

S5 6NF

Training Travel Details

Meet in front of Student Union's entrance.

Club Achievements

Champion at BUCS Championship 2008. -3rd place at BUTBA Championship 2010. -Sheffield University Team Of The Year Award in 2010 -3rd place at the BUTBA Championship 2014. 


League Bowling -Bowling Tournaments in Portsmouth, Loughbrough, Warwick and many more to compete for the order of merit title at the end of the year.

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