Strength Sports - Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strongman

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Key Contacts

Charlotte Johnstone (President)
George Kerridge (Olympic Weightlifting Officer)
Jenny Tong (Olympic Weightlifting Officer)
Wu Su Yuan (Powerlifting Officer)

How To Join/Get Involved

Come and see us at the Sports Fair during freshers week. Check out our GIAG sessions over the beginning of the first and second semester. (Information about times/dates of these can be accessed through the University website and box office.) Send an e-mail to or any of the above committee members. Facebook message/ like the group page to find out more about the club. Anyone of ANY ability is welcome to join.

Aims For The Year Ahead

More competitions in both powerlifting and olympic weightlifting, putting a team(s) together for the Northern Universities Push & Pull in April. Inter-club competitions and challenges. Continue to push to make weightlifting a varsity event. Sheffield's Strongest Student 2017. Visits to other university strength clubs.

Training Times

Training Location

S10 Goodwin Sports Centre Activity Room 2

Training Location Post Code

S10 2TY

Training Travel Details

All training sessions are held in Activity Room 1 at Goodwin Sports Centre which is on the university campus. Occasionally strongman sessions are taken as Titanium Strength Gym, travel details for these will be arranged within the club near the scheduled date - a member of the committee will usually meet the group at Bar 1.

Club Achievements

The club has grown considerably over the 3 years it's been running and it continues to develop with new equipment and an expanding membership. Over the last year, our training space has been refurbished into an optimum setting for weightlifting, with new equipment such as jerk blocks and a power bar. A number of the club's members have successfully entered Olympic weightlifting competitions, in particular Bethany Parker, who has qualified for British U23 Championships and won gold colours for high performance at this years sports awards. Strength Sport's involvement with strongman has advanced, with the first student to enter England's Strongest Man over the summer 2016 being a former member of the club.


GIAG Sessions (Look out for these during freshers week) Competitions TBA. Sheffield's Strongest Student.

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