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Twitter: @shefunirowing
Facebook: Sheffield University Rowing Club

Key Contacts


How To Join/Get Involved

Email us at and come and see us at the sports fair 

Aims For The Year Ahead

Seniors to qualify for Henley women's and Royal and get top 10s at BUCS. Novices to get top 20s at BUCS

Training Times

Varied. Mornings and afternoons every day but different for each squad and very flexible to personal timetables. Come and speak to us or email us for more information 

Training Location

Damflask reservoir and s10 gym (no gym membership required)

Training Location Post Code

Search damflask reservoir postcode not available

Training Travel Details

Car sharing between club or cycling

Club Achievements

Club of the year 2015 and one of three club of the year nominees 2016. Most charitable sports club at the University and results have improved year on year for last 3 years


Compete at regional and national events 

Club Sponsors

Sponsored by tiger works and bar one