Intra Mural Hall of Fame

Intra Mural would like to introduce the hall of fame members from the 2013-14 season.

After last years buzz around the IM HOF this year was even more difficult to choose those lucky participants.

You do not have to be the best player on the pitch/court to gain entry into the IM HOF. Its all about the commitment to the programme, making a difference to your teams, organisation skills and leadership.

We put the following questions to each Intra Mural Legend………………………..
1. How did you get involved in IM Sport?
2. Have you ever won anything during your IM career? If so what?
3. What teams have you turned out for during your time?
4. What has IM Sport meant to you over the past 3 or 4 years?
5. Would you look at coming back to the Alumni Day Tournament that we organise at Easter?

So it is our pleasure to introduce to you this years IM HOF entries:-

Dave Elliott

This lad has given everything to the cause of Economics. He even missed the end of year ball to organise and lead his team out in the final game of his IM career. Not only that but Dave has also been so reliable as the lead referee within the Society Cup over the past 2 years. IM will never be the same without him.

1. I got involved in my first year on pretty much my first day attending the economics football trials which after that I was lucky enough to make it on the team and I've played for econ for the last 4 years, captaining them in my final year which was my masters year.

2. I've been lucky enough to be part of a lot of good teams in my four years and in the first year I was part of the Middlesbrough youth team that went on to win the 11aside crown but i didn't play in the final. In my second and third years I was part of the economics teams that won the 11 aside crown back to back and in my final year we came runners up in the 11 aside competition. In the 6 aside competitions, the furthest I've made it was to the champions league quarter finals and the plate semi finals.

3. I've played for a lot of teams over the four years but my main teams were economics and all of their teams throughout the four years, playing every single game in my 4th year, middlesborough youth in the first year and blcfc in my second year.

4. Intra mural has been everything to me, it's been the best part of Uni. I've had chance to meet lots of people through either playing or refereeing the elite league. It's been my release away from all the Uni work and a good way of staying healthy.

5. Would definitely recommend getting involved with IM to anyone! And I will definitely be back in the alumni tournament next year, count on my place!

Alice Hunter

This girl just breaths netball and you can pick that up from her answers below. Alice was a natural selection to represent the IM Varsity team this year. Not only is she a leader but she encourages those who are not naturally gifted. Unfortunately she had to limp off during her final game of Intra Mural with a reoccurring injury. But it just goes to show how much she loves her team as she stayed for another 20mins in pain on the side of the court to see them pick up winners medals and t-shirts.

1. As a keen bean fresher and the fear of the ‘fresher’s fifteen’ at the for-front of my mind, I joined my society netball team at the fresher’s fair, trialled for SUNC and joined the gym. 2 years later, 2 stone heavier and 2 dress sizes larger and I have some amazing friends, teammates and club members, and no regrets. Well… very few regrets.

2. I have to say my favourite wins have to be winning intra mural varsity and the intra mural league 2012-2013. Not only because we got to beat Hallam but also because my teams mates were an accumulation of my housemates, course friends and girls I had met in the registration queue on my very first day of university. Both wins were very bitter-sweet, I loved playing with those girls and winning really was the cherry on the cake, but as it was our 3rd year, all of my friends graduated and left me alone to my own devices, a definite recipe for disaster.

3. Name them I played for Mansoc netball from year 1 to year 3 and captained the team in my 3rd year. I also played for SUNC my first, 3rd and 4th year of university. In my final year I switched allegiances and played for English in the Thursday leagues, which was such great fun despite losing the majority of our games.

4. Intra Mural has become increasingly more significant over the past 4 years of university and most prominently this year (2013-2014) where Goodwin Sports Hall has become my second home and has had to bear the full wrath of my DQ hangovers every Tuesday. Being development secretary for SUNC and playing in both society and SUNC teams, particularly this past year, has seen me contribute on and off court to all netball leagues. Intra Mural has been a great way to meet friends, keep fit and have a bit of competitive fun, as well as to have another excuse to bev on a weekday. The intra mural competition at Sheffield is far superior to that of other similar systems in other Universities and really is an attribute to the University of Sheffield.

5.  I would love to come back to an alumni tournament in the future… I'll do anything to hold onto my university life and attempt to avoid the inevitability of growing up for as long as i possibly can

James Pimlott

I was made aware of James commitment to IM Sport by a previous IM Legend Bill McGrail. At the start of the year James was one of the first Sports Secs to approach me about trials, kits, team entry etc. I think its fair to say that everyone involved in Mech Eng Sport have appreciated his efforts.

1. I initially got involved with intra mural through my academic society team in my first year and never looked back!

2. Unfortunately I have just missed out on the ultimate Intra Mural trophy (the IM winners yellow t-shirt), however I have consistently reached at least the quarter final of the football champions league competition every year for 4 years, the highlight being in my second year, where we reached the final.I was part of the first ever IM 6 a side varsity team in my 3rd year, where we won 5-0. The highlight of my time with Intra Mural has been leading the 11 a side varsity team as captain to a 2-1 victory in my final year.

3. I have played for 2 teams, Mechsoc A and Outer Milan.

4. Intra Mural has meant a great deal to me over the past 4 years, I have almost spent more time at Goodwin than in lectures! The facilities are excellent and it is run so well with opportunities for all standards. It has been a massive part of making my university experience so enjoyable. I will genuinely miss IM the most out of everything when I leave!

5. Our team has already discussed a reunion to once again take intra mural by storm next Easter! And yes, I will be returning for years to come!

Glenn Jones

The year before Glenn joined The UOS, Physics (Physoc) were all over the place in regards to IM participation. Teams were taking walk overs left, right and centre due to poor organisation. But then something happened which we never thought would. Glenn took over and organised several really reliable teams and surrounded himself with good characters who he could call upon. Not only is Glenn a good goalkeeper but he was also successful in Intra Mural Squash.

1. I got involved through the Physics society when I first joined uni, they advertised that they had a football team and were looking for players so I joined up. Later on I took up the position of sports secretary on Physoc and started running the IM teams myself. I found out about the squash league through IM as I already had contact with them through football.

2. Last season one of the Physoc teams won the Thursday 1pm league, this year the same team + a couple of freshers won the same league and then went on to come second in the championship tournament. Another Physoc team won the spoon this year and I was in another team that won their league too. I came 2nd in the IM squash league this semester as well. So 3 IM medals!

3. I have played for Physoc B, Physoc C, Physoc E, Slovenija, (6s), Pass the Ball John (5s) and Crystal Lattice FCC (11s) this year as well as squash.

4. IM has been a great way of playing sport regularly and at a slightly more relaxed pace than the uni clubs, it's helped me make friends with loads of other students I wouldn't have otherwise met, especially physics students in years other than mine which has been great. It's also great fun! I'm really glad Sheffield has such a well developed IM programme.

5. Yeah I'll definitely be coming back for it!

Intra Mural would like to introduce the hall of fame members from the 2012/13 season.

Choosing the legends this year has been a difficult task. A new tradition of Intra Mural Hall of Fame t-shirts have been introduced. These are even more sought after than the traditional yellow “Winners” t-shirt.

We put the following questions to each Intra Mural Legend………..
1. How did you get involved with Intra Mural?
2. Have you ever won anything if so what?
3. How many teams have you consistently turned out for? and the name of them.
4. What as Intra Mural meant to you over the past 3 or 4 year?
5. Would you look at coming back to the Alumni Tournaments we run around Easter?

Here are this years entries……………

Duncan Cleary

Most people will remember him for the “Cleary Shuffle” which he managed to master in his final year here at The University of Sheffield.

1. After successfully getting into the university team, I was made aware of intra mural through many of the SUMFC lads, and started playing regularly for Leamington Lads and Economics A/B and all the 6 a side teams, as well as filling in for numerous teams.

2. In first year I got knocked out of the first round of the champions league for all my teams, and competed in the community 5 a side league losing on penalties in the plate and Champions league! Successfully won the 11 a side knockout last year for Economics, and looking to defend it as Economics captain this season (Economics did defend their title).

3. I have regularly turned out for numerous teams, in first year : Leamington Lads, Economics, Robin Griffin, Sheffield on A Wednesday, Ratmoor Fc. Second year, I created Team Bakehouse,as well as continuously playing for all economics 11s and 6s teams. I filed in on regular occasions for English and Banana Banana, as well as teams I cant even remember the names of! I think alongside the rest of the Hall of Famers, we are the go to guys if you are short of a player or 2!

4. Intra Mural has given me the opportunity to play as much football as humanly possible, whilst paying next to nothing for it! Furthermore, it is a brilliant opportunity to meet like minded people, who share the passion for the game (and skipping uni). I have however burnt on numerous occasions, for which I blame the Sheffield tropical weather not my lack of suncream...

5. I would love to be a part of the intra mural alumni tournament, to ensure that the legacy lives on and would love to get in on the action even when I am old, fat and unfit!

Sam Strong

Sam will be remembered for being a class centre back at 11-a-side, but the highest goal scoring centre back at 6-a-side football.

1. My first involvement was through Law where I was drafted into their 11's and 6's side. From this and also my involvement with SUMFC has seen me turn out for all manner of teams just so I could get a game.

2. I won the plate last year with "Norfolk 'n' Chance". Looking to win the champs league and plate this year.

3. Quite a lot.....
Rushden and Hymens
Norfolk 'n' Chance
Werder Bromance
I have helped out a vast amount of teams over my 3 years including Chemistry, Biology, Econ, Bakehouse to name a few

4. Asides from potentially denying me of a 1st class degree, IM has allowed me to meet so many people who all share an enjoyment in football. You recognize so many people which is quite handy on nights out. IM has given me the chance to play football consistently and is an opportunity I will probably never have again.

5. Where do I sign up?

Jamie Hesketh

Jamie will be remembered for his commitments to his society Maths. I do not think they missed a game during his time here at The University of Sheffield. There is also a video of his team SBFC performing an awful chant going around after winning on penalties.

1. I first discovered Intra Mural when I joined one of the Maths Soc teams in my first year and playing in the Endcliffe Community league with my flat team, SBFC. I was then appointed as Sports Officer for the Maths society in my second year and was therefore responsible for all of the Maths Intra Mural sport (Football, Hockey and Netball) and so Goodwin almost became a second home. In my third year I was Maths football XI’s captain and so was involved in all of the Maths football.
2. I won the plate in the 5-a-side league with my flat team, SBFC, with a nail biting penalty shoot-out to finish off the final.

3. I honesty couldn’t count how many I’ve played for since I was always up for playing after a game if a team were short of players. But to name a few in particular:
Easy as Pi 1(maths joke).
Easy as Pi 2
Easy as Pi 3
Easy as Pi 4
Easy as Pi 5
Easy as Pi 6
Maths Soc XI’s
Philly FC

4. Intra Mural will definitely be the aspect of being at university that I will remember most fondly. Despite being constantly injured, tired and missing lectures; it’s offered a fantastic way to keep fit, meet a ridiculous amount of new people and feed my unhealthy addiction to football. I’m going to be very sad without it.

5. Will jump at the chance.

Tristan Gretton

Tristan will be remembered for his truly outstanding talent between the 6-a-side goals. Not many goalkeepers come close and he will not let you forget it! He also proved he is a force to be reckoned with at centre back.

1. Back in 2009 i decided to create a flat team, as well as a few coursemates, the team was called Cowboys and Indians. Also trying out for the Maths team, i was selected to play in defence for the 2nd team in my first year. It progressed from here, in second year i changed to becoming a goalkeeper and my name started being spread around, so when it came to 3rd year i was being asked to play for teams who i'd never heard of just because they heard i was a keeper.

2. Last year my house team, Norfolk 'n' Chance won the Plate competition after beating FC Sparta in the final.

3. It is hard to keep count, i have played for about 4 different maths teams (11's and 6's) over the years, i have played for 3 Econ (11's and 6's) teams this season, Rogue Fc, both #Keepersoc teams, Norfolk 'n' Chance, Cowboys and Indians, the Hindu Society in 1st and 2nd year.

4. Intra mural has been a way to avoid doing any Uni work and a good way to skip lectures without feeling guilty. The amount of new friends i have found through intra mural is staggering, i cannot walk to uni without bumping into someone i know from Intra Mural, which is a great feeling. Most of all, it has meant that i can work on my tan while playing a sport i love.

5. I would definitely be interested in a return to Intra Mural action if the chance came up. It has had such a positive influence on my life that i could not turn down the chance to re-appear over the next few years.

Dhruv Gandhi

The word legend gets used a lot these days. But this lad is exactly that. I bet hardly anyone knew he had a first name. Gandhi will be remembered not only as the lad that turned into one of the greatest six a side goal keepers of all time to play Intra Mural sport but as the student face of Intra Mural.

Not only did Gandhi play for what seemed like 500+ teams, he was also the founder of #keepersoc. This is something that we all hope will live on after this year and for many years to come.

Gandhi also earned himself a place in the HOF for his services to Intra Mural in his final year. Becoming the Student Intra Mural Coordinator for football proved what an approachable person he is. Come day or night he was there to answer any questions or solve any problems.

We all dream of a team full of Gandhi’s.

1. I got involved in 1st year where I joined a society team with my first course Mansoc. As well as this, teams needed keepers so I joined to different house teams, Channel 4 News Team and Cowboys and Indians

2. I have never won anything however came very close after captaining my Law team to the final this year before losing to Chamakh My Pitch Up

3. Channel 4 News Team, Mansoc, Easy as Pi, Cowboys and Indians, Hardly Athletic, DB the Truth, Law, Ball Bag Feelers, History, Politics, Werder Bromance, FC Barberlona, FC Sion, #keepersoc, Marvin FC, #teambakehouse and Dave Page FC

4. Intra Mural has meant a lot to me. It helps those who don't make the universty team to play consistent competitve football. With the society teams, it helps you gain friends on your course and gain advice from those in the year above. It helps you meet people who also love to play football and it creates a community between all the players as everyone knows whos who at Intra Mural.

5. A few of us have already discussed the Alumni tournament and I am sure that I will be there next year with a few other of the Hall of Famers from this year and last year.

Nicola Jane Clegg

Nicola will be remembered for leading Psychology to a famous Intra Mural netball victory back in 2011/12. Nicola was also picked for “Team Black” in the very first Intra Mural Varsity Netball fixture which they won 42-9.

1. I first got intra mural by going down to psychology netball trials in my first year as a fresher, making the team and playing on a regular basis.

2. In my second year, my psychology team won the intramural league by beating SUNC development team in the final. In my final year, I played in the intramural varsity team and also won against hallam a tremendous 42-9!

3. Since my 1st year I have played every game for the psychology netball team and in my final year played for the university in the intramural varsity.

4. Intramural netball has been something I have looked forward to every week since I started university, it gives players the chance to play week in and week out ranging in all abilities and it involves everyone. More than playing netball, intramural netball is a way of making life long friends with team mates and is something I will greatly miss

5. Hell yeah! I'd be first in line! I'l have my team at the ready!

Jess Braddock

Jess will be remembered for her services to Intra Mural hockey. Jess proudly introduced already established hockey players to Intra Mural to show them the fun side to the sport. This has continued during Jess’s time here at The University of Sheffield.

1. Got involved through ManSoc my society playing hockey, already played for the uni club and people there said to play both. Wanted to be able to play mixed hockey.

2. NO, gutted we (mansoc) got robbed in the final last year against big rivals EconSoc, still a little bit bitter about that one.

3. Have always played for ManSoc, but this year played a bit for history because they were short but loyalty 100% lies with ManSoc!

4. Intramural to me has meant playing with a different group of people to whom I'd normally play with. Means getting to play with players of varied skill which is always fun. To me its been an hour of enjoyable hockey every Tuesday afternoon for as long as I can remember and I'll definitely miss it!

5. Potentially yeah, the uni club run their own tournament over Summer and around easter is usually when league finals etc are but depending on dates maybe!

Intra Mural would like to introduce a hall of fame from 2012.

We will add participants from all sports that Intra Mural has to offer. Gaining entry into the Intra Mural Hall of fame will give you cult status amongst your fellow students.

Just remember you don’t have to win a famous yellow t-shirt to gain entry.

So here are the entrants from 2012 and a little description as to why they are here……….

Bill McGrail


If you were to ask anyone from 2009 to 2012 who deserves to be given this status they would say Bill McGrail. He has played 5-a-side, 6-a-side and 11-a-side football over the past 3 years. He has won finals and lost finals. Bill is often described as one of the best players to never have played for The University of Sheffield’s Men’s Football team.
Here are just a few teams he has played for over the years:-
Wigan Pier, Double Dutch, Smack My Pitch Up, Dyslexics Untied, Economics, Boro Youth, Elite 6, Harcourt Harriers, Mechsoc and more!

Daniel Padfield


If you were to ask anyone from 2009 to 2012 who deserves to be given this status then if they don’t say Bill McGrail they will say Daniel Padfield (Paddy). Paddy has also played 5-a-side, 6-a-side and 11-a-side football over the years. As captain of The University of Sheffield Men’s Football from 2011-12 Paddy is well known by most teams.
However, the main reason Paddy has made the hall of fame is due to the fact that he has never won and Intra Mural Final. He came close to winning the Plate this year with FC Sparta; however this was not meant to be.
Unlucky Paddy!

Chris Grindley


How can you not put this prolific goal keeper into the Intra Mural Hall of Fame. Over the course of 3 years Chris has plied his trade with Politics playing for A, B, C and D teams. But it didn’t stop there, Grindley also went on to play for History 1, History 3, CSS, Dave & Kids, David Page FC, Underdogs, Manchester Road, Gone Frog and Sociology.
This puts Chris Grindley up there with one of the most capped Intra Mural players in its history.

Michael Fraser


This lad is especially known by all the Economics footballers. Michael Fraser (Fraser) became one of the first Intra Mural Society Sports Reps in 2012 and is one of the most organised Intra Mural Participants.
Over the years Fraser has competed for several teams:- Banana Banana, Althletico Derwent, Bayer Neverlosen but is mostly known for his victory in the 11-a-side 2012 final with Economics.
Im sure all Intra Mural Economics participants will agree that its been a pleasure to play for their society and this is a credit to Fraser.

Moo Stringer


Moo has been extremely loyal to all the teams he has played for. He always received offers from an abundance of teams but turned them down. Again Moo has been seen as one of the better Intra Mural footballers by his team mates.
He is mostly known for his hard work and determination and is a genuinely nice guy.

Jen Williams


Intra Mural Netball has seen several umpires over the past several years. However Jen has to be up there with one of the best. I have nothing but compliments about the standard of Jen’s umpiring.
Jen has also been extremely helpful over the past year with re-arranging fixtures etc.
Not only has Jen umpired but she also helped Sunc A achieive a perfect league season and help them get to the Intra Mural Final.

Christina Woods


I think every Intra Mural Hockey team over the past 3 years would be able to tell you who Christina Woods is. This isn’t just because she has been an integral member of The University of Sheffield’s Hockey team, but she is an all round genuine person. Christina has been there done that and got the t-shirt, a couple of them actually with Fresh Bean.