Administrative Rules

All matches will take place in the Sports Hall at the University of Sheffield, Goodwin Sports Centre, Northumberland Road

The Competition covered by these rules include:

• Intra Mural Netball (mixed)

Management of Competitions:
  Management of the competition shall be undertaken by the Sports Development Officer.

Matches shall be played in accordance with Intra Mural Netball Rules. Any alterations to these Rules shall be made by the Intra Mural Committee.

Teams Eligible to Enter:
Competitions shall be open to all students, staff members and invited teams.

Intra Mural Committee:
A Committee consisting of the following individuals shall be appointed to oversee disciplinary issues and rule changes. Other members shall be co-opted if required.

• Student Sports Development Officer (or nominee) Chair.
• Sports Sabbatical (or nominee)
• Intra Mural Sports Representative

Intra Mural Code of Conduct:
Captain should make all players aware of the Intra Mural Code of Conduct and Intra Mural Netball Rules as a condition of their involvement.

Violent or abusive conduct is not acceptable. Players who commit serious offences will be reported to the Sports Development officer and will be subject to a period of suspension determined by the Intra Mural Disciplinary Committee. Teams with a poor disciplinary record or teams who are consistently reported for playing in an aggressive manner will be removed from the competition and barred from entry to all future Intra Mural competitions. Teams whose league status is terminated shall forfeit all privileges of league status with immediate effect without any right to claim for any refund of fees. All fixture fees outstanding shall be immediately due and payable.

Disputes with Play:
All disputes must be reported to LA within 7 days of the match or immediately after the match if it is the last match of the season. LA may call upon the Intra Mural Committee for guidance; however LA’s decision on all disputed matters is final.

Team Registration:
Before the commencement of the Competition all teams shall submit an application form to LA.

Team Colours:
Teams shall make every effort to ensure that their players play in the same colour kit.

Reporting of Results:
The umpire shall be responsible for reporting the result of the game to the Sports Development Officer or the member of staff on duty at the conclusion of each game. This is essential in order to ensure that league tables are as accurate as possible. Results not submitted within 1 hour of the end of the last scheduled league fixture are void.

Team Names:
Teams will not be allowed to use names which in the opinion of Sports Development Officer is  likely to offend.

The Spirit of Intra Mural Sport:
Intra Mural Sport is a series of leagues and competitions for people who wish to play sport at a recreational level with the emphasis on participation, enjoyment and fun.

Intra Mural Players:
Team captains should understand the spirit of Intra Mural sport and its role within the continuum of sport at The University of Sheffield. Captains should avoid using University club or representative players with the intention of creating a team that will be too strong for the opposition, particularly if this action deprives a regular squad player of a starting place. Players can only play for one team during the Knock out stage. Teams who use players who have previously played for another team in the Knock out stage risk disqualification.

The number of University representative team players in an Intra Mural team is restricted in order to protect team places for recreational players, and to further the “spirit” of Intra Mural Sport.

Player Restrictions:
Teams are allowed a maximum of two University 1st or 2nd team players on court at any one time.
Eligibility & Interpretation:
All questions of eligibility, qualification of players or interpretation of Rules shall be referred to the opposing team captain, referee and LA prior to the commencement of the match. Captains should then agree to play “under protest” and refer the grievance to the Intra Mural Committee after the match.

Competition Format:
Intra Mural competitions are usually played in a league format in the first stage with successful teams qualifying for a Knock out competition or second stage to decide the overall competition winners.

Knock Out Qualification:
Teams finishing 1st and 2nd in each league will qualify for the knock out.
LA shall make the draw for the Knock out Competition.

Points & League Positions:
Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. Teams failing to fulfil a fixture will receive 0 points and the score will be registered as a 5-0 walkover. League position will be decided by points gained. If one or more teams are equal on points goal difference will determine league position. In the event of goal difference being equal then the team scoring the most goals shall take precedence.
The Referee:
A referee will normally be provided. In the event of a referee not being available the team captain of the first named team in the fixture should arrange a neutral referee or nominate a squad member to officiate.

Fixture Commitment & Payments:
Teams must honour all fixtures and all fixture payments for the full season covered by their application. (see replacement teams)

Replacement Teams:
If a replacement is available Sports Development Officer will offer withdrawal from a league without financial detriment. Replacement teams will take over all remaining fixture payments. If a replacement team is not available all fixture payments for the full season covered by the application will still be payable by the team withdrawing from a league. All fixture fees outstanding shall be immediately due and payable by teams removed from a league due to poor discipline.

Replacement Teams (League Position/Points):
Teams can be replaced at any time within the season. Replacement teams will inherit the points and league position of their predecessors.

League Tables:
League Tables can be found on the Intra Mural website or the notice boards at Goodwin Sports Centre.

Safety Considerations

A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to him/herself or another player, including any kind of jewellery. Jewellery which is potentially dangerous and cannot be easily removed should be taped.

Players must wear appropriate playing kit:

Players should wear non marking, clean training shoes for Intra Mural matches. Players not wearing the correct footwear will be asked to leave the court.

Personal Insurance:
All sporting activity carries a risk of injury. Sport Sheffield therefore advises all players to take out personal accident insurance. Sports Reps and captains are asked to make their players aware of this fact.
If a player is injured and requires first aid treatment please contact a Shift Supervisor or alternative member of staff as soon as possible. The Shift Supervisor’s office is situated in the upper foyer adjacent to Time Out café.  Alternatively staff members are contactable via the main Reception at S10health.
Intra Mural Netball Playing Rules.

Decisions of the Referee
The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final.

The Referee: Powers and Duties
• enforces the Laws of the Game
• acts as timekeeper
• takes disciplinary action against players guilty of cautionable and sending-off offences
• stops the match if, in his/her opinion, a player is seriously injured and ensures that he/she receives appropriate first aid
• ensures any player bleeding from a wound leaves the playing area

The Number of Players:
Teams can use a squad of up to ten players but must only have seven players on court at any one time. A squad of 10 can include no more than 3 males and there should be no more than 2 males (per team) on court at any one time. Males are not allowed to play in IM Plus Leagues.

Laws of the Game (IM):
  • When a player receives a pass they are not allowed to run/dribble the ball.
  • To gain control of the ball, a player can bat/bounce the ball once.
  • A player has to be standing before they throw the ball.
  • Players have three seconds between catching the ball and making a pass.
  • Having caught the ball, a player may land or stand on:
    • One foot – while the landing foot remains grounded, the second foot may be moved anywhere. 
    • Two feet (simultaneously) – once one foot is moved, the other is considered to be the landing foot. 
  • Offside is when a player moves out of their own area.
  • Balls may not be thrown over two transverse lines without being touched
  • A ball is out of court when it contacts anything outside the court area.  The ball is returned into play by a throw-In taken from a point outside the line where the ball left the court. 
  • No player may contact an opponent, in such a way that interferes with the play of that opponent.
  • Obstruction –
    • Player with ball: the nearer foot of the defender must be 0.9m (3ft) feet from the landing foot of the player with the ball.
    • Player without ball: the defender may be close, but not touching, providing that no effort is made to intercept or defend the ball and there is no interference with the opponents throwing or shooting action. 
Free Pass & Penalties:
If a free pass is awarded it may be taken by any player allowed in that area, as soon as they have taken up a stationary position.  If a penalty pass is awarded the offending player must stand out of play beside the thrower until the pass or shot has been taken. 
Substitution Procedure:
The number of roll on roll off substitutions made during a match is unlimited, a player who has been replaced may return to the pitch as a substitute for another player. Substitutions should only be made when the ball is out of play.

The Duration of the Match:
Each match is allocated a total of 40 minutes ; this will include a short warm up period and half time. Teams not ready to start at an appropriate time will forfeit the match 5-0.