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Customer feedback is very important to us at Sport Sheffield and Talkback 360 is our way of keeping in contact with you.

It is through Talkback360 that you can let us know when we’ve done something you like and make suggestions about how we can improve our service. We know we won’t always get things right but by letting us know where we have gone wrong we can take steps to rectify this.

We recognise that communication shouldn’t just be one way and we are currently reviewing Talkback360 so please bear with us whilst we make some important changes to the process.

In the meantime you can still contact us in the following ways:

By speaking to a member of staff

This is the best way to let us know when you have an enquiry or comment that needs immediate attention. Please speak to a member of staff who will help resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

By completing a comment card

Talkback360 cards are located in various places around the building and are collected on a daily basis.

By e-mail

E-mails are checked on a regular basis and we will make sure your comments are dealt with by the most appropriate member of the Sport Sheffield team. You can e-mail us at

By telephone

You can always call and discuss your comments over the telephone. Our automated system will help you get through to the most appropriate team within Sport Sheffield. You can call us on 0114 222 6999.